Mad Jazz ART

Got some Art at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts . They have Jazz bands play there and my Jazz series is in a good place.

"Break out the Bongos "

Art work up at Starbucks. The gallery is located at 25 Prospect Street, Framingham, MA 01701 on Rt. 9 near Whole Foods.
From Thursday, April 28 – Wednesday, June 29th.
While I was hanging it a few folks came to me to express their approval wth the art work. One guy exclaimed " Break out the Bongos"

Art show

Art work will be displayed in Starbucks a satellite gallery of

The Amazing Starbucks Gallery is our satellite gallery in our local Starbucks. The gallery is located at 25 Prospect Street, Framingham, MA 01701 on Rt. 9 near Whole Foods.

Friday, April 29 – Wednesday, June 29th (2016) see link below for link

Cosmic Slop

I learned of a new music site named "Songza" that has multi stations and genres. I listened to one station titled  "Cosmic Slop" , this station immediately  launched into a 15 min version of Hendrix's song "Machine gun". In all of it's psychedelic glory. So heres a toast to inspiration and Hendrix

Amazed by the MBTA

Ghost Train : Just after 6 a.m. on December 10, a six-car Red Line subway train left the Braintree, Massachusetts, MBTA station with no operator onboard. The train, carrying about 50 passengers, traveled through four stations in nine minutes before MBTA staff in a control center stopped it by cutting electricity to the third rail. This is my piece titled Ghost Train... I've been commuting ,in Boston in one way or another since the early 90s, and have my share of horror stories , but this one takes the cake.... look closely at the ghosts on the train and they run the gamut of feelings. From blind indifference to horror and everything in between.

Sweet Pad

A few months back worked with my friends to create the perfect 3 piece (actually 3 pieces ) for their pad. Came out great


in progress

Here is piece I was working on last night. The guy I originally painted with an all green suit but I decided he looked to much like a leprechaun. So I made his pants brown and his short plaid. The couple are supposed to be sitting . I did not draw in the chairs but I hope they look like they are not doing some weird dance.