Featured Artist This Sunday May 6 at WICN in Worcester

WICN will host an open house and reception in our performance hall "Studio 50" featuring the art work of Carl Ristaino. We will have musically inspired pieces, meet the artist and see video of time lapse creations to music of his jazz & blues inspired work. Sunday May 6 from 2pm-4pm 50 Portland street.

open house ristaino.png

I will have 2 paintings in a show Greenpoint Brooklyn (details below)

In honor of the annual hippy holiday on 4/20 we are having a group show entitled What Time Is It?

We recognize that time is just a construct, and the works in this show will explore many different aspects of time.

Featuring work by:
Mark Albright
Monte Antrim
John Arthur Carr
Francis Christie
Nichole Graf
Karl Kotas
Andy Man
Jason Mitchell
Carl Ristaino
Carri Skoczek
Adam Suerte
Chris Smith
David Tree

$4 Happy Hour Specials all day
Tacos by Tacos Lokos 4Ever!

The Safehouse is a bar and is open late. 
Stop by after you see all the other galleries in Greenpoint!

Join us on April 20th, 2018, for the 12th installment of Greenpoint Gallery Night! 
G-Spot @ Safehouse - 120 Franklin St

Free & Open to the Public.
More info: http://www.greenpointgalleries.org/


TimeLapse Video set to song called "Till Love comes down"

Created a time lapse video of the creation of my latest painting . It is set to a song by Andy Santospago . His new song called “ Till Love comes down “ also be sure to stay on the video because Dylan shows up in a bunch of the footage towards the end especially around 4:40, also the music stops towards the end and then picks up again so make sure you see the whole thing 😎

Created a time lapse video of the creation of my latest painting . It is set to a song by Andy Santospago .

Apocalypse WTF

About a Year Ago , I had an Idea for a crazy animation tilted "Apocalypse WTF" . So I approached Andy Santospago and asked him to cover Johnny Cash's tune "When the man comes around".

He recruited Greg Klyma and together they did a stellar cover. Amazing guitar work and sound editing by Spago and strong haunting vocals by Greg....now all I needed was someone to help me put all my animation together and Ed Guild did a great job with video editing. I am so lucky to have such talented friends who will help me with my crazy ideas , no questions asked.

please check out the video on you tube



Original Animation of an Apocalyptic battle between Demons , Aliens, and planet earth! Very cool music too.

Once in Somerville

Hi All going to have a table with prints and my artwork at Friends Fest

ONCE Somerville

156 Highland Ave, Somerville, Massachusetts 02143
Saturday Sep 16  at 6 PM - 1 AM
A collection of Artists, Makers, and Local Businesses for a Night of
enjoying our talented Friends.


The Martini

I love to paint and draw Martinis , They are just so fun . I think if i was alive during the middle ages it would be my sigil for my house!!! 

Cosmic alignment

As night descended on Patriot place , and the Neon light flashed on. I realized that the Neon Martini from the bar diagonally lined up with the martini in my painting. My friend Josh remarked when I told him about this occurrence  "Now that's some next - level Juxtaposition" 

Art Show This weekend

The gallery (at Patriot place) is on the same street as the Urgent Care Center, kitty corner to Bar Louie's and behind Davio's Restaurant. 
I took a photo of the gallery and Davio's

Artists Studio and Gallery
(at Patriot Place)
2 Patriot Place
Foxborough MA 02035

Friday: August 11 - 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday :August 12 - 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Sunday: August 13 - 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Feel free to stop in and say hi

New Series

Completed a series of tall paintings reminiscent of stained glass windows .. They will be in the art show . Titles "Are You Experienced" "The Minstrel" and "Cleo"

The Scotsman and the Castle

There is a castle in Scotland called Castle Stalker . Castle Stalker was in the Monty Python Movie "The Meaning of Life" . I believe it was the French Castle. Any way it is a very famous Scottish Castle  on an Island. I ended up doing 2 painting on the same subject. The Painting is about a Scotsman who is either coming home from a long journey or he is leaving on a long journey and he stops to play a tune on his guitar by the lake on his way (back or leaving, it is up to the viewer) . In the 2nd painting I put the Loch Ness monster in the background. I later found out that the lake is connected to Loch Ness and it is possible for Nessie to get there . 

Art Show was a success

That day the Rain came down in sheets. I was kind of worried nobody would show up . Met my buddy Ollman for a pre-game beer at the pub.  At 5pm the down pour lifted and the crew came in for the show. wine and cheese was had and everybody joked around. I regaled everyone with the tales of one of the painting titled 20ft ...more on that in another post.