Mad Spiral

Why did I name the site In high school (mostly because of my drawings) , I was nicknamed MadCarl.  Spiral kind of reminds me of the cosmos (spiral galaxy). Also Spirals  link to fractals and the infinite . And My goal is to create an infinite amount of art. Also" Spiraling out of control " which my art is on the verge of doing.

Artist Bio /Statement

A Boston area artist who primarily paints with acrylic on canvas.

He is a self styled Illustrator . He received the nick name "Mad Carl" in his youth due to a combination of his unique drawing style and unconventional personality.
Carl draws inspiration from Music, Nature, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Primitive Art , the Divine and the Mundane. He seeks to incorporate an element of mystery in his work that he hopes will inspire the viewer to 'fill in the blanks" of the story in any given painting. These elements may appear to have a life of their own , almost existing before and after the painting was made.


Ongoing themes in Carl's work include expressionistic cityscapes (grown organically across the canvas) and stylistic bar scenes (populated with bizarre characters and charged emotions.)  Carl paints through intuition; sometimes a certain line, brush stroke, color or texture just feels and looks right.  He seeks to capture that blurry memory; that corner-of-the-eye hallucination inside of a fever dream, the almost untranslatable feel that is there and then gone.

 All images Created and owned By Carl Ristaino